Shape of the Apkallu Artefact

There are many options for the shape of the artefact. Fundamentally it must be clearly artificial in structure so as to distinguish it from the background rocks upon discovery. The idea currently being pursued is that the object has many surfaces such that each surface contains the knowledge of a particular field or discipline of knowledge. This is essentially a platonic solid containing many polygons. If there are too many surface areas then the individual area for each subject is smaller. If there are too little surfaces then the area for each subject is great, but the number of disciplines of thought that can be covered is small. A good compromise between these extremes would appear to be something like a Dodecahedron, which contains 12 sides. This is also good because the number 12 is a number associated with sacred geometry and relevant to important geometrical symbolism. Other factors which are relevant to the number of sides includes ease of manufacturing of the artefact and the risks of erosion and weathering and how having edges may or may not enhance decay modes.