Partners & Sponsors


The Apkallu Initiative is very fortunate to have some partner organizations on board, either sponsoring the project or acting as a collaborative partner. We thank those organizations and acknowledge them for their long-term strategic thinking here.


Initiative for Interstellar Studies Ltd

The Initiative for Interstellar Studies is a UK based non-for-profit company that conducts education and research into the exploration of deep space. Because the organization deals with long-term thinking, this project has relevance to their mission, in terms of being aware and mitigating against potential existential threats that would prevent human kind becoming an interplanetary and interstellar civilization.

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Stellar Engines Ltd

Stellar Engines is an aerospace consultancy that has agreed to sponsor and help administrate some of the activities of the Apkallu initiative. 


If your company or you personally would like to become a supporter or sponsor of the Apkallu initiative please get in touch and we would love to have you on board in some capacity. The project is relevant to all of humanity and so it is within all of our interests to learn from the past, preserve the present and plan for the future.